Potty Training 101

Potty training is an exciting and stressing process (both on the side of parents and the children) that requires a lot of patience. Fortunately, it is possible to facilitate the process by paying attention to some important issues. Let’s go over the aspects parents should pay attention the most for a stress-free potty training.

* We have already mentioned the importance of the child’s readiness for the potty training. Parents should consider his readiness is not only in terms of psychological development, but also in terms of physical, cognitive and language development. If you want to go over the signs your child is giving you that s/he is ready, you can find the related article here. Continue reading “Potty Training 101”

Is My Child Ready For The Potty Training?

Potty training is an important milestone of child development, and for several reasons it is the milestone that most parents look forward the most. These reasons include heavy economical burden of the diaper wearing, exhaustion caused by diaper changing and the conflict between partners aroused by it. No matter how eagerly parents await to begin the potty training, the key point is the child’s physiological and psychological readiness. Many parents feel stressed about giving the decision to start the process. But, luckily, your child will help you by giving you signs that s/he is ready for it. This article will help you to read the signs your child gives you that s/he is ready for the potty training. Continue reading “Is My Child Ready For The Potty Training?”