Is My Child Ready For The Potty Training?

Potty training is an important milestone of child development, and for several reasons it is the milestone that most parents look forward the most. These reasons include heavy economical burden of the diaper wearing, exhaustion caused by diaper changing and the conflict between partners aroused by it. No matter how eagerly parents await to begin the potty training, the key point is the child’s physiological and psychological readiness. Many parents feel stressed about giving the decision to start the process. But, luckily, your child will help you by giving you signs that s/he is ready for it. This article will help you to read the signs your child gives you that s/he is ready for the potty training.

If your child…..

  • Can already walk and utter some words
  • Can understand follow relatively simple instructions such as “bring me the toy”
  • Can push and pull his/her pants with little help
  • Has specific words for wee and poo
  • Shows discomfort caused by the wet diaper
  • Push and pulls the wet diaper
  • Crouches down in a corner of the room while s/he poops
  • Hides behind the seats, curtains etc. while s/he poops
  • Shows curiosity for your bathroom habits and wants to join you in the bathroom
  • Keeps his/her diaper dry for longer periods of time than usual
  • Awakes from naps with a dry diaper
  • Tells you the s/he is about to wee or poop (or is weeing / pooping) in his/her diaper
  • Enjoys praise

you may think that your child is ready for the potty training.

You might have read that children be ready for the potty training around when they are 18-24 months old. Yet, my advice would be to ignore the statistics. Don’t let the numbers make you and your child feel under pressure. Always keep in mind each and every child (and his/her development) is unique and s/he will follow his/her unique journey of life. What is crucial on the part of the parents is to be there to respond to their child’s needs, and to unconditionally love and support their kids.

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